BASC chair Ian Hendry and artist Ingrid Monteith happily launch the new guidebook on July 2.

Great news! The new Bancroft Area Stocked Lakes Guidebook is now available in local stores!

The official launch for the second edition Bancroft Area Stocked Lakes Guidebook took place on July 2 with local artist, Ingrid Monteith, whose painting is featured on the cover,  and Ian Hendry, chair of BASC, at Monteith’s home on the shore of the lake that inspired the painting.

Getting a copy of BASC’s new second edition Bancroft Area Stocked Lakes Guidebook has never been easier. Besides being able to purchase it online through the website, it is now available at a long list of retailers. BASC is grateful to each of them for offering the guidebook for sale in their shops.

The guidebooks are $30 including tax if you pick one up yourself or $40 including tax and the cost of mailing if you order online. Enjoy!

Canadian Tire Bancroft

Mack Attack Bancroft

Vance Motors

Red Steer Meats L’Amable

Ashlie`s Books Bancroft

Maynooth Gas Bar

Chesher`s Outdoor Store Bancroft