This section focuses on the current programs, services and events offered to local landowners and resource users. If you have a specific need or an idea for programming not currently available, we would love to hear from you!

The BASC Environmental Summit includes guest speakers providing Ted Talk-style presentations and hands-on training to encourage an understanding of biodiversity, invasive species management, forestry and silviculture practice, methods of climate change mitigation,

Indigenous traditional knowledge and more. It offers a unique opportunity for youth and individuals of all ages to learn from a diverse selection of experts in the field, all on a single day.

Tree and Shrub Program

Provides low-cost tree and shrub seedlings to landowners for a variety of planting applications, including reforestation, wildlife habitat enhancement and shoreline naturalization.

Detailed information on the program, including pricing and species availability, is generally available in the late fall each year.  Orders must be placed through the BASC Store in late fall/winter to arrive the following spring.  They are typically available for pick-up the first weekend in May, weather permitting.

Orders can be placed through the BASC Store at or by clicking directly from the homepage.

Fishing in the Bancroft Area

Click here to download the latest version of the MNR Bancroft-Mazinaw Fish Stocking List.

If you are an avid angler you might be interested in BASC’s Stocked Lake Fishing Guidebook which can be purchased through the BASC store when available.

 Volunteer opportunities are also available through the North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery.  See for details.

The Bancroft Area Stewardship Council is taking the role of catalyst in bringing together the MNRF and the Municipality of Hastings Highlands in this pilot project that will result in the rehabilitation of a number of water access points (boat launches) across Hastings Highlands. Safe and efficient water access is an important issue; recreational fishing contributes almost $2.5B to local economies in Ontario. It is anticipated that this project will result in a model that can be used by municipalities and organizations throughout the province. 

With over 400 known invasive species present in Canada, the BASC has committed to combat local invasive species through collaborations aimed at heightening awareness. Invasive species limit diversity and can also cause major economic consequences if not controlled.
To-date, BASC has targeted zebra mussels with the help of the Bancroft Area Youth Stewardship Council and the OFAH. Checkpoints and boat cleaning stations were set up at four major local lakes where anglers were engaged and educated on the opening days of walleye season. BASC also hosted an invasive species information session with guest speakers from the OFAH.
Following the zebra mussel campaign, BASC switched its focus to what is considered to be the worst invasive species in Canada… phragmites. Stands of phragmites on highways 28 and 62 were identified with the cooperation of the local MTO office, and subsequently, all of the stands were sprayed with Arsenal, an agent which targets the roots of the plant. Those results will continue being reviewed as BASC works to eradicate phragmites in the area.

The Bancroft Area Stewardship Council (BASC) is nurturing a relationship with the Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust (HPELT). This new partnership will designate BASC as the northern contact for the HPELT Board assisting in education, awareness and promotion of the Land Trust program for residents of North Hastings.

The BASC will assist with management/stewardship of existing properties signed up with HPELT. These include properties like Highpoint Farm. Future opportunities include youth environmental activities, management strategies and more that the BASC is well positioned to assist with. An exciting developing project for the stewardship council.

The Stewardship Council offers low-cost bluebird houses and bat boxes to purchase through the BASC Store. Special thanks to our sponsor, Freymond Lumber Ltd.  Click on the store directly from the homepage or by going to

BASC offers practical learning opportunities for students of two different four-credit outdoor education programs offered at North Hastings High School – the Northern Outdoor Studies (NOS) program and the Northern Environmental Research & Development Studies (NERDS) program.  These opportunities have included assisting with BASC’s Tree & Shrub Seedling Program, helping out with local non-motorized trails, and more.  Both courses provide practical, hands-on learning experiences and certifications in resource management fields that prepare students for direct entry into the workforce or future educational training. 

The Stocked Lake Guide Book hit the shelves in 2017 and the BASC sold 1200 copies in one year. Inside the book there is information on over 140 local lakes that are stocked by the MNRF. Stocking reports, contour and topographical maps, and access information are all included in the book which is aimed to make it much easier for anglers to find put-grow-take lakes in our catchment area.

The latest edition of the Guidebook will be listed under Merchandise in the BASC Store, as available and as long as quantities last. Visit the store directly from the homepage. The Guidebook includes current stocking reports and a full two-page map displaying all of the lakes.

The illegal dumping of garbage on public land (such as green spaces, parks and campsites) is a growing problem in many areas across the province.  The Bancroft Area Stewardship Council has teamed up with Crime Stoppers in a new provincial campaign to ‘Stop Illegal Dumping’ that may be of special interest to municipalities, cottage associations and other landowners. Partners wanting to join the campaign


  • have their logo added to 4 marketing products (postcard, 2 sizes of posters and a sign)
  • Receive a supply of 14 postcards (3.5 x 5”), 5 posters (8 1/2 x 11”), and 5 posters (11 x 17”)
  • Receive the print ready files for the postcard and posters plus a 24 x 36 sign (so copies can be printed as required)

Contact us at if interested and to receive more information on how to proceed. This program is available for purchase through the BASC store through Merchandise on the homepage, clicking or by other arrangements.

This is an annual day-long event for local Grade 3 and 4 students to learn about the value and importance of wetlands in contributing to a healthy environment and ecosystem.  Various community partners provide hands-on activities and demonstrations that introduce students to the various functions performed by wetlands, including water purification and the provision of habitat.

The Bancroft Area Youth Stewardship Council, established in 2017, is made up of Youth in the BASC catchment area ages 12-24 that volunteer their time to promote land stewardship and educate the public on current environmental issues. This is done through outreach and partnerships in the community that will collectively work to foster a better understanding of the natural world around us. The key topics driving projects have, and continue to be; forestry and shoreline rehabilitation, invasive species awareness, angling and management of aquatic species, and events that promote environmental skills and studies. 

The youth utilize existing resources and events around them to broaden their networks and target a broader audience with the use of social media. This council provides an opportunity for youth to utilize their skills and strengths by implementing them into projects including; marketing and promotion, fundraising, grant writing, research, public speaking, and photography. It gives them the opportunity to gain hands on experience for a career in natural resources, learning first hand from experts in the field.